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Exciting workshop on numerical relativity


Ellery Ames and Håkan Andréasson both seem very pleased with our new results, but pointing at different branches?

It’s always exciting when I get together with my colleagues Håkan Andréasson and Ellery Ames, and good things tend to happen. Our work could be summarized as solving the Einstein-Vlasov equations and trying to find interesting things, such as black holes, geons and cosmic strings. Previously, we found some interesting galaxies, in particular the Hoag-like object depicted below.

A Hoag-like galaxy computed by solving the Einstein-Vlasov Equations. The image shows an isosurface of the computed density. For details see [Ames, Andréasson, Logg 2016].

Results will be published soon but I can already reveal that we found at least a couple of very exciting features – that I will describe in more detail later when we have verified our findings.



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