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I’m experimenting with how to create the easiest possible route for FEniCS users to get FEniCS onto their systems. My current bet is on Docker. Docker images have existed for FEniCS for about a year now but haven’t been advertised hard before due to the perceived complexity. I recently figured out it’s really not that complex but still complex enough that most users (?) would be reluctant to try it out.

However, now there’s a simple way to use FEniCS with Docker on any operating system. To get started, install Docker then run this “one-click install” of FEniCS:

curl -s | sh

This will download and install a script aptly named fenicsproject. This script can then be used to run FEniCS Docker sessions, for example

fenicsproject run

Or run with a specific image:

fenicsproject run dev

Or create a persistent session/container, then (re)start it:

fenicsproject init myproject [image]

fenicsproject start myproject

We want the installation process/experience to be as simple/pleasant as possible. Can it be improved – feedback welcome!


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