Master thesis projects

We are looking for talented and motivated students to work with the VirtualCity@Chalmers team. Several thesis projects are available, ranging from game programming (Unreal Engine) to modeling and simulation.

We offer a great opportunity to work in a cutting-edge research project and combine state-of-the-art technologies with fundamental computational methods. Depending on external funding the position can be extended after graduation. The starting date is “as soon as possible”!

Some proposed general topics include:

• VC@Chalmers implementation (Unreal Engine, C++ or any Web-enabled API). • Computational Fluid Dynamics visualisation in Unreal Engine.
• Virtual Reality capabilities in Unreal Engine.
• High Performance Computing extensions to of VirtualCity@Chalmers.
• BigData extensions to VirtualCity@Chalmers.
• Turbulence modeling for urban scale simulations.
• Case Study: Fluid-structure interaction simulation for ”Linbana Göteborg”.
• Case Study: Flooding simulation for Frihamnen.
• Traffic simulation based on synthetic population models.
• Simulation of pollution on the urban scale.
• Procedural/algorithmic generation of cities in Unreal Engine.

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For questions and applications, please contact:
Anders Logg,
Vasilis Naserentin,, +46 (0) 31 772 6381

In January 2018, Chalmers launched the interdisciplinary project VirtualCity@Chalmers. The project is initiated by the Area of Advance Building Futures and aims to build a virtual twin of the two campus sites modeled as an immersive 3D world. We are currently building our prototype. Some of the main features include real-time coupling to some of Chalmers’ simulation/research software platforms and MR/VR capabilities visualised and powered by Unreal Engine.

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logg Written by:

His research interests are adaptive finite element methods, high-level automating software systems for solution of PDE, domain-specific languages and compilers in scientific computing, augmented and virtual reality, and applications in biomedicine, general relativity, architecture, and geoinformation; in particular the combination of modeling, simulation and visualization to create Digital Twins of physical systems. Logg is Director of the Digital Twin Cities Centre at Chalmers, a Vinnova Competence Centre devoted to the study and development of the Digital Twin concept for city modeling and simulation. Logg is co-founder and initial developer of the FEniCS Project, a leading open-source software for automated solution of PDE. He works part-time as scientific advisor to Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre.

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