My talk from ESCO 2016

I’m currently in Plzen (Czech Republic) having a good time at the ESCO 2016 conference. In my talk on the subject of Implementing Mathematics: Domain-Specific Languages and Automated Computing, I gave an overview of FEniCS and talked about how we’re doing things all wrong by trying to implement clever algorithms to obfuscate mathematics into long strings of computer code.


As a side note, the pilsner here in Plzen is quite alright.


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Anders Logg is Professor of Computational Mathematics at Chalmers University of Technology. His research interests are adaptive finite element methods, high-level automating software systems for solution of PDE, domain-specific languages and compilers in scientific computing, and applications in biomedicine, general relativity, and architecture. Logg is head of the unit for Computational Mathematics and excellence profile leader within Chalmers Area of Advance the Built Environment. He is director of the Swedish Network for Mathematics in Industry and member of the EMS Applied Mathematics Committee and the Swedish National Committee for Mathematics. He is co-founder and a core developer of the FEniCS Project, a leading open-source software for automated solution of PDE. Logg works part-time as scientific advisor to Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre and Simula Research Laboratory.

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